Customer Reviews

Very efficient, cleaned up the work area. Found best location for system. Out of sight.

Brian from 5280 Radon came to our home today to diagnose a problem that our builder could not seem to fix. He was able to locate and resolve the issue in 5 minutes, and our system is once again silent. Brian was on time, professional, well mannered, and was very knowledgable. He explained what had happened, how he fixed it. I would very highly recommend 5280 Radon to anyone who needs service for their Radon system. It’s great to see business owners who genuinely care about their customers like Brian does. Keep up the great work!

Our realtor had suggested other Radon companies but they lacked the “first call warmth”. Chris emailed an estimate within 10 minutes, once again our agent tried pushing bigger companies at closing…We didn’t listen to the buzz and neither should you. Have Brian take care of this. He was awesome what a gift of customer service and pride of business ownership!!. He had us smiling throughout the entire process, as 1st time home owners with a vintage house this is very appreciated. Very very fair price and guaranteed work done by locally proud business owners. Too bad this is one of those things that is a one time thing, Id look forward to a quarterly visit from Brian if not, sooo friendly!. Don’t hesitate book it!!!

I had a tight deadline installing a system before a house sale closing date. These guys did a great job.

I am 71 years old and have owned a home since I was 26. In that time, I have employed general contractors, electricians, HVAC, plumbers, carpenters, sheet-rockers, carpet layers, roofers, gutter guys, and landscapers. Some were good and some very bad. This is my first experience with radon mitigation. My radon level in my basement was 11. Prior to engaging 5280 Mitigation, I did extensive research on radon, and on companies doing mitigation.
Chris and Bryan own 5280. Chris is easy to talk to, very helpful, and very knowledgeable. He also returns calls promptly. When I contracted with Chris, he setup the installation in a timely manner. The contract calls for reducing the radon level to 4.0 or lower. The installer, Sandy, arrived on time and was very professional and took extra time and effort to dig out the pit to make it large enough to provide sufficient suction. A week after installation, I retested the radon level. It came back at 7.5 which is above the 4.0 standard. I have had some awful experiences with trying to get contractors to come back and correct work. I was expecting the worse when I called and left a message for Chris. To my delight, he called right back and setup up an appointment to correct it. Bryan came out and installed a larger fan (in a snow storm).This time, the reading came back at 4.6…still too high. I was wondering if Chris might say something like “well that’s close enough”. Nope, Chris said he will send Bryan back to figure a way to drop it to 4 or under. It is a pleasure to work with a company who does what they say and returns calls. I will do an update on this review when I get the next test back. I highly recommend this company if you need radon mitigation.

Chris took his time explaining everything to me overt the phone. Did not try to up sale me. In fact advised me honestly that doing some things were not necessary. He patiently accepted me cancelling an appointment (with plenty of notice of course), and honored the quote he originally gave to me when I rescheduled. They serviced my area way out on the I70 Corridor without any extra charge. They upgraded part of my system upon my request for no additional charge. The technician was a true pro. He worked fast but accurately and with high quality workmanship. I expressed my desires to him for the system to go through the attic. Even though it would have been way easier to go outside and up. He made the attic happen for me even though I know it took him 2 to 3 hours longer to do it. Then he answered all my questions to a T! I wish more companies were this good. Oh by the way, the Radon Mitigation not only works awesome but my windows no longer have dripping condensation building every morning in the winter. Very fairly priced for the degree of professionalism you get with these guys. Go with no-one else!

You will NOT get a more honest, hard working company to mitigate your radon. A few other companies who I won’t mention names, tried to charge almost double for the same work. These guys rock! And, have done two other of my friends/families systems. Zac did all of ours, I would highly recommend him as a tech. Thank you for making our house safe!

Great communication up front with Chris. Sandy did a great job on the install. I really appreciated that the piping up to the roof was done with a gutter style material rather than an ugly PVC pipe as well. Best of all, my radon level has dropped from 7.21 to 0.48 pCi/L in about 72 hours.

Invested in a mitigation system prior to selling our house and I think we got a great return on investment. One less thing the buyer had to worry about. 5280 was great: on time, professional, and friendly. Highly recommend them.

5280 Radon was great to work with! Everyone I worked with was very helpful answering all of my questions and helping me through this process. The technicians were efficient in their testing and they got our system installed very quickly after finding high levels of radon in our basement. I would definitely recommend them to all my family and friends. Thank you for your help, 5280 Radon!

Did a great job. Can’t complain. Everything worked out great. Super Simple!

5280 Radon is a great company to work with. Chris explained the process and paperwork. Bryan came out and surveyed our basement. He listened to our thoughts and wishes, and made it work. The radon levels did not drop as expected, and he came out two additional times to make improvements to get the radon down to 2.1 pCi/L. He was also able to mitigate the fan noise with a muffler. We are very happy with our radon mitigation system.

I can’t say enough good things about this company. Chris explained everything in detail and was patient with my concerns. Brian came out an extra time to go over the outside placement of the vent. The tech who did the installation arrived on time, worked efficiently, and left the work area looking spotless. The customer service was excellent and the results of the mitigation beyond expectations. I recommend 5280 Radon Mitigation without reservation.

Chris and his guys from 5280 Radon were great to work with and do a professional clean job. Its nice knowing they took care of our VERY high Radon problem in our new home. Thanks Guys. Arnie C.

I found out I had a real radon problem after doing 2 home tests, so I called these guys to install a radon mitigation system. They were able to work with my schedule and arrived on time with more guys than they really needed to get the job done. After reviewing the inadequate system the builder put in my home, they gave me a few options on best location for the proper system to provide maximum effectiveness with minimal noise level. The system was installed in a few hours and you would never know it was there. The pump is almost completely silent and in a place where you can’t hear it even with the windows open. The installer spent some time explaining to me what he did, and if there was a problem, what simple things I could check before calling them out for service. Overall its was a great experience for a reasonable price, and my radon level dropped to almost nothing with the new system. I would definitely use these guys again if I needed another radon reduction system.

I needed to install a radon mitigation system as part of a home sale. 5280 radon worked with my schedule. Arrived on time, they worked quick and did a professional job. The did exactly what was asked and what they said they would, no surprises.

Working with 5280 Radon Mitigation was a great experience. Everyone I spoke to was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Their prices were very affordable and I never had an issue getting a hold of them or needing to follow up. I recommend them to my own clients and would encourage all to do the same.

Courteous, fast service. Was given a quote over the phone (very reasonable). The guys came out the very next week and we were all set with a simple installation. They even let me dictate where the piping went on the side of our house (they were super patient with me). They even identified that my sum pump was broken and so we got that fixed too. Quality all around. I will report back with the degree to which our radon was mitigated though since they have a warranty that it will be below 3.0 we will be good to go one way or another.

We had high radon levels in our 1920s bungalow and wanted to get it fixed as soon as we realized it. I appreciated the ease of scheduling and getting our radon mitigation system completed. Everyone I talked to was so kind and helpful. And they were not trying to up-sell me at all. I appreciated their honesty in what my home really needed.

Professional, knowledgeable, neat, reasonably priced and my basement with the 16 level radon is now at 1.9!!!

5280 did a great job. They were easy to work with, professional and got the job done fast. I’ve already recommended them to several neighbors.

Professional and efficient install of a high quality product. The 5280 installer even made sure we didn’t use any headroom in our storage area. Would highly recommend!! Thank you.

Very responsive and flexible. Very professional.

I had a great experience with this business. The phone was answered in a timely manner and information was easily described in email. Thank you!

You will NOT get a more honest, hard working company to midigate your radon. A few other companies who I won’t mention names, tried to charge almost double for the same work. These guys rock! And, have done two other of my friends/families systems. Zac did all of ours, I would highly reccommend him as a tech. Thank you for making our house safe!

These guys were fantastic. Our basement was not an easy case, but the technician found a solution that worked for us, and he was very efficient in completing the work. He also did a very good job of explaining everything to us, keeping us in the loop, and answering all of our questions.

Chris emailed us a same-day quote, which helped us close our home sale. We ended up giving the buyers a credit for the installation, so I’m not sure who did the work but I hope it was 5280, they were very responsive and professional.

I received quotes from multiple companies for our radon mitigation system. Most of them included additional up-charges or follow up emails bashing other companies. These guys provided a quick and straight-forward quote that was on the lower end of the quotes I received. I made an appointment for a few days later. The installer arrived and we walked the perimeter of the house to select the best location for the system to minimize its visual impact. The job was completed in a few hours and looks great! Highly recommended!

Chris and his guys from 5280 Radon were great to work with and do a professional clean job. Its nice knowing they took care of our VERY high Radon problem in our new home. Thanks Guys. 

Great work done by 5280 Radon Mitigation! They made the process as painless as possible – made the appointment over the phone, Zack arrived on time, was a pleasure to work with, and finished the job in the estimated time. Highly recommend!

I needed help making sure installing a new sump pump didn’t jeopardize the effectiveness of my radon mitigation unit. I was very lucky to find 5280 Radon Mitigation. Although 5280 didn’t originally install the unit, 5280 treated me as if they did. Chris took time to answer all of my questions and Bryan did a great job putting the pit back together after the pump was put in. I will definitely call these guys in the future if I have any further needs.

5280 has to be the best. These men are quick, efficient and know what they are doing.
They put the system in the most inconspicuous place and were happy to do so.
I didn’t think installing a radon removal system could turn out to be an “enjoyable
experience” but because of their attitudes, it was!

This company is very professional and knowledgeable in their industry. They provided excellent customer service and high quality work.

True professionals. The first question you should ask your provider is if they are certified! After another provider (who has great Yelp reviews-lookout!) danced around that question, gave us what I suspect was a falsely high reading after a second test came back 3 points lower-and was generally unprofessional, finding Chris and his team at 5280 was a huge relief. They were not pushy, gave us solid advice and were knowledgeable, certified professionals who take pride in their work. Would definitely recommend 5280. Be careful out there, radon mitigation is the Wild West!

Great service from 5280 Radon. Affordable service in comparison to competitors, but not short on quality of installation or explanation. Flexible scheduling and timely with installation when onsite. Walked through our property, discussed the various options of installation to assure the best mitigation with the best appearance. Highly recommend 5280 Radon to anyone looking for the same service. You will be pleased with the staff.

The installer came in a timely manner, efficiently installed my system (cleaning up after), and left me feeling I got my money’s worth. The system runs well and quietly. I feel that the air in my home is safer for me and my family. Small price for peace of mind.

Having been in Real Estate for 35 long years, I am always looking for good contractors. Bryan Coy, at 5280 Radon is one of the best. Honest, hard working and very knowledgeable.I have used Bryan for quite a while for radon mitigation.They are affordable, and offer a guarantee, so it is easy to order it and not have to worry.I have had him repair older systems too, and he has been on time and finished the job. If an older system is not drawing 1 atmosphere, it is not working very well and should be checked.Highly recommended.

I highly recommend 5280 Radon. Very professional, reliable and great customer service. Willing to work around our schedule, very dependable and affordable. I will be referring anyone who needs radon services to 5280 radon.

Our realtor contacted 5280 Radon Mitigation along with several others while we were under contract to sell our home. Our levels were not too high but enough to require mitigation. As we have a crawl space, although not open to the basement, a few contractors who called back estimated a charges well over $1000 as they felt the need to seal the crawl space as well. When 5280 called back they said as the crawl space was not open to the actual house/living space it did not affect the readings and thus simple mitigation should do the trick. They were correct as our levels went from 6.5 to 1.2. They were professional and quick. The entire process took only a few hours. I HIGHLY recommend them as they did the right job for the conditions, did not try to oversell or scare us to do more, quick to respond and quick to perform the work. We have already suggested them to two other people and will defiantly use and suggest them in the future. Great work for such a new company.

Great service! Willing to explain all possibilities to get the best system in place. Flexible scheduling and professional finish to our installation. Would highly recommended using to anyone in need of radon mitigation. Most importantly to a consumer, fair pricing! Thanks guys!!!!

Very clean installation and follow-thru! No hidden pricing or over pricing for services. We would recommend 5280 Radon Mitigation to anyone.

I found 5280 Radon Mitigation on Servicemaster. They came out to the house, looked around gave me options on where to place a system, which no other company did. Other companies asked me to take measurements for them, and gave me a price over the phone!After getting the initial test back, 5280 Radon came out and installed a mitigation system. They were very professional, on time, and very reasonably priced.After the system was put in, I sent the tests in for the new Radon numbers. There was an issue with the mail, and my test did not arrive at the testing facility on time. Chris took it upon himself to have a testing company come to the house, re- do the testing over48 hours, and when it was done I got the results that afternoon. Chris went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my system. The numbers were fantastic!I would highly recommend 5280 Radon Mitigation.

This company contacted me within a couple of hours requesting a quote – Check. They were at my home that afternoon to provide explanation of their service and estimate – Check. They spent time discussing the options for the best installation – Check. They didn’t tack on additional fees beyond similar low priced initial bids we received, the price was the price – Check. They came back in two days and the service was completed within the time quoted – Check. They spent time explaining what to expect after installation and how and when to use the follow up self test – Check. They were neat, cleaned up after themselves and are very friendly – Check.If you want a quality job, for an fair price then get in touch with 5280 Radon Mitigation and you will be pleased!

I contacted contacted a total of three companies to install a mitigation system for me. the largest one said they did phone quotes but since my house is brick they could not guarantee the quote because of issues they might run into and without coming out could not give me an option of installing a system that would not be unsightly. The other one sent me an e-mail in reply to my e-mail and told me to call them. Chris quickly called me back and Brian came to my house, looked around at places to put the system, went over each option with me. I immediately scheduled an install date. He came out two weeks later and installed the system He showed up on time, were very efficient and cleaned up. I have not used my radon test he left but I don’t expect any problems. A great local businesses.

I found 5280 on yelp, and they had very good reviews, so I contacted them. They were very professional and helpful in answering all the questions I had. They were also the cheapest among all I contacted. I am very satisfied with the job they did. I highly recommend them for Radon mitigation.

Reasonably priced compared to other vendors. Showed up on time. Most importantly, the intervention reduced radon levels to below the suggested threshold.

Couldn’t have been happier with 5280 Radon Mitigation. They work really hard to make sure you’re happy. Use fair and upfront pricing. And are extremely responsive on phone calls, emails, etc.I had previously had radon mitigation installed when my home was purchased. We needed ours re-routed for a deck project. They were super thorough, presented several options, and helped us do some additional testing to ensure our re-routing wouldn’t be adding to an existing radon problem. After we got test results back they came the next day and did the project beautifully. Well… as beautiful as PVC attached to a house can be 🙂

I am a Real Estate agent here in the Denver area and I have recently switched to 5280 Radon and could not be happier. The entire process was smooth, from scheduling to install. The technicians are willing to take the time to answer any questions that a seller or buyer may have. The are my “Go-To” radon mitigation company! Very competitively priced, clean and professional.

Highly recommend 5280 Radon Mitigation. Chris and Bryan were VERY professional thru the entire process. From initial phone call to installation. The know what they are doing and it shows. They explained everything thoroughly and indicated if they have to come back out everything is under warranty. Can’t thank them enough for putting my mind at ease that our Radon issue is now being addressed properly.

I called a few companies and the price was the same as 5280. What impressed me the most initially was how quickly they followed up on the qoute and the amount of time Chris spent explaining the system. The installers also were on time and even though it was more work they vented thru the garage. Very impressed with the workmanship of the system and I know that I received a competitive cost. Will recommend in the future. A small price to pay for piece of mind knowing that I dont have radon in my house.

I found 5280 on yelp, and they had very good reviews, so I contacted them. They were very professional and helpful in answering all the questions I had. They were also the cheapest among all I contacted. I am very satisfied with the job they did. I highly recommend them for Radon mitigation.

I had a great experience with 5280 Radon Mitigation. The guys showed up on time, ready to work, and clearly explained to me where the equipment would be going and how it would work. They were done from start to finish in an hour and a half. I highly recommend using 5280 Radon Mitigation.

5280 Radon made the entire process easy and painless. They were able to get us an appt right away to fit with our schedule, and from what I’ve heard from friends, we paid a lot less than others did in this situation, so that made me feel great about the whole experience. Thank you Chris!

As a Realtor in West Metro Denver for 12 years, I have ordered many radon mitigation systems. 5280 Radon is my “Go-to” source for mitigation. They are responsive, reliable, and their pricing is super-competitive and simple. They don’t play pricing games with upgrades and add-ons, just straight forward good service. I’ve had them install 4 systems in the last couple months, nothing but outstanding experiences.

5280 radon was efficient and professional. It was no hassel installing their system and the technician was extremely knowledgeable. I’d recommend them to anyone.